4 hour cruise with instruction $350

We offer an introductory sailing experience with a trained instructor. This is not a comprehensive course with a book and classroom approach. It is a fun, hands on, sailing experience. You are taken out to the protected waters of Sarasota bay and given a chance to drive a sailboat, perform a few basic maneuvers, and just play with the wind.You'll understand the difference between a main and a genoa, a sheet and a halyard, and why it's as important to know the depth of our waters as much as the height of those bridges surrounding our bay. 

Captain Celeste is a licensed USCG master captain since 2000 and a certified instructor with over 40 years of experience on the water. Sailing with Captain Celeste is a “hands on” learning experience that is lots of fun, geared to help you grow your sea legs and your love of sailing.

Sailing is one of the most challenging yet relaxing sports. Make your desires come true; start now and see if it’s for you! 

The price is based on a four hour charter (with a 20% discount) and compensation for the captain. A maximum of two students will be allowed per cruise for a more focused experience.